Well lets put some things into perspective first. The BlackBerry PlayBook stopped being supported April 2014. That however does not seem to be when the PlayBook stop being purchased. I shut down PlayBookDaily website in 2015 and that was too soon apparently. I continue to get PlayBook related question via Facebook and Twitter so I am going to do a few random posts for the PlayBook here on BlackBerry Sites.

Now lets get to the question at hand. If I get a new (old) Playbook fresh out of the box, will it get the latest available OS update? Yes it will. This update will come in automatically during the PlayBook setup. Even if you wipe your PlayBook to factory your PlayBook will go back to the latest OS available during setup. ┬áThe last OS update was version This update was pushed out the end of May 2014. Please also be aware, that NO FURTHER OS UPDATES will be available for the PlayBook. That is one question that I still get all the time. When support ended in 2014, that ┬áreally was the PlayBook’s end of life date for future updates.

I still use mine quite a bit and really glad I get to use it on a daily basis. My ways of using it are very specific, but it delivers 100%.

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I have been blogging Blackberry and Playbook info (PlaybookDaily) over the past several years. I took some time off to see the direction of BlackBerry. I am glad to see the Android OS and look forward to sharing great apps, news and games.